There have been a number of threads recently talking about screen/podcasting and the software required to do a decent job so I thought I would blog about the setup I am using.

After trying a few applications I eventually settled on IShowU HD. It handles screen capture well and supports a wide range of formats.

Samson microphone

I tried a couple of microphones (including the built in mic on my MBP) before settling on the Samson C10U. The mic works well but I have not found it to be that sensitive so have to position it between the laptop and me which sometimes makes it difficult to type. Perhaps I will have to invest in a boom to bring the mike over the top - although that may make it more difficult to see the screen.

I also use headphones so I can hear the audio as I speak but there is a slight delay as the sound is processed which can be a little distracting at times.

I find that it is difficult to maintain momentum for a long time so I capture a scene in iShowU and then stitch them together in iMovie before burning a completed screen-cast.

Once complete I have tried using HeyWatch! to convert the MP4 into flash but there is quite a degradation in quality during the conversion. This would probably not be a problem for normal video but the text of the screen-cast becomes almost unreadable. This may be because of the settings I have used so far so I will probably give that another go when I get around to recording the next episode.

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