Raising the MBP Keyboard

As anyone who knows me will say I have a thing about keyboards and have a few in my current collection.

On a whim today I bought the apple wireless keyboard thinking that I would pair it with my laptop for when I am at home working at my desk. I already have the wired version and have been very happy with the feel of the keyboard. Unfortunately it occupies a USB slot and when I have both my external drive and SLR connected I have to keep swapping peripherals.

So when I got home with my shiny new toy I found the desk rather crowded. Now I know I could have cleared things up but decided to go ahead and pair the new keyboard while placing it on my lap. By happenstance I got up and put the keyboard on top of my MBP keyboard – now nothing very special about that but I realised that I now had an inclined keyboard covering the original and still giving me access to the trackpad.

The arrangement works pretty well. Everything is where it should be and the keyboard does not obscure the screen from a normal viewing position. The rubber on the bottom of the keyboard makes if feel pretty secure – well at least it has not shot across the room so far.

Time to take it on the road…

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