So it has been 7 days since buying an iPad. Has it been the life changing event promised by all the pre-launch advertising?

In my case I don’t think my life has changed but it has been enhanced by having one. In a similar way that the iPhone made many on the go tasks easier and in a lot of cases fun the iPad has made other tasks more engaging and fun. I wanted an eReader that would allow me to read technical books while on the go and was willing to pay for that facility. The iPad delivers. Reading is a pleasure and since I already had a nice collection of books from the pragmatic programmers who offer multiple formats for each of their books my bookshelf is nicely full. For other publications in PDF Calibri does a reasonable conversion.

Other things that I really appreciate:

  • bulk email operations - but i am looking forward to the unified inbox and multiple exchange account.
  • watching TED videos through iTunes
  • reading tweets. The UI is just made for scanning and absorbing lists of data.

And just generally how the device has made a place for itself in my life. An idea pops into my head and I can capture it or dig deeper without bringing out the laptop.

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