When Apple announced the new App Store for OS X I have to say I was a little underwhelmed at the prospect and did not think the new store would hold much interest. After all I have been pretty happy with finding and installing apps. I could see the point for the iPhone and iPad but for my laptop?

So with today’s updates came the new App Store application and out of general interest in what has been updated and installed I decided to take the app for spin.

And now I think I see where it all fits in. The interface is clean, crisp and easy to use, but most importantly applications are easy to find and look tempting. So tempting I decided to purchase a couple of likely looking apps that I might find useful. After entering Apple ID details the installation begins with a really nice animation of the application icon landing in the dock.

By providing a seamless link between developer and consumer I think the new App Store is going to be a big hit, especially with solo developers and startups. I suspect we are going to see a massive explosion in applications available for the mac.

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