After a long wait CODE keyboards are available again and I received mine last night. I have to confess that I am a bit of a keyboard junkie. I am reluctant to count them all but I am edging into double digits :(.

The keyboard arrived nicely packaged inside a larger box with lots of packing material to avoid damage in transit. The box containing the keyboard itself is minimal but nicely designed.

Having a removable cable did not seem significant but the velcro strap makes carrying the cable a nicer experience and I don’t end up wrapping the cable around the keyboard and messing up the keys.

Using the dip switches to configure the keyboard makes it easier to use with multiple machines. I don’t need to go in and configure my preferred settings each time I connect to a different machine. One tip though - only move the switches when not connected.

It is going to take a while to get used to the O rings on the green switches. I have been using a Das Keyboard for a while and may miss the full travel and almost zero dampening that it offers - even if it is more annoying to everyone around me who has to hear me hammering on the keys.

The illuminated keys are a very nice feature - not only for programming in the dark but just in general. I don’t look down that often but when I do the keys are clear and brightly marked.

I am really impressed by the build quality. The keyboard is solidly built and has a nice ‘brushed’ feel that is a joy to use.

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