I have to confess that I am an IntelliJ Idea fan. I will confess that the key bindings take a little getting used to - especially on a Mac but I find I am most productive using it.

I do like to keep up with what is happening with the Eclipse project and thought I would pick p the latest Eclipse 3.6M5 (Helios) release. Not really intending to do more than load up a couple of projects and play around for a while.

On one of those projects I had just completed splitting the project into two modules (core and server). During the process I had ended up with some duplicate classes. I thought that I had cleaned all of that up so I was a little surprised to see that Eclipse did not compile my project. Eclipse and IntelliJ handle projects rather differently and for this particular project Eclipse thought that the two source files should be compiled together - not really a problem because the build script handled the partitioning into separate core and server jars. But because Eclipse worked in this way it helped me find two duplicate files that should only have existed in the core jar. There were a number of other small things that Eclipse thought were important and IntelliJ didn’t (probably default setting difference) but switching IDEs helped me find the major duplication errors and made me think about the other potential issues.

So it perhaps pays to switch your IDE from time to time. Even if it is only to make sure that your project is available to all.

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