I like to commit code frequently when working on a project. I also like to use the command line for building, testing and committing code. So I thought it would be nice to have a way to check the build status from the command line. I have been wanting to write something in C++11 and a small lightweight command line tool seemed like a good opportunity.

My efforts can be found here https://github.com/grahambrooks/ci/

I have been playing around with a few different report formats and version 0.0.2 seems to be working the way I like to work.

With no options the tool loads configuration from a Json formatted configuration file somewhere on the current path and reports the number of builds in each category (successful, failed, building, fixing). Adding the –verbose option lists all the builds from the server.


  • Error handling is basically non-existent
  • Not enough tests - currently the code feels and looks like a prototype
  • Needs input from others

You can download a DMG of the compiled binary or build from source https://github.com/grahambrooks/ci

If you decide to build from source I suggest homebrew for boost. Make sure you install boost with the –with-c++11. You will also need the latest (5.0) XCode for Clang

Let me know what you think and of course send me your pull feature requests

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